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Analyzes structural content of developed applications
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Adobe Scout CC is an SWF profiling tool that allows users to realize an in-depth analysis of an application in development, with the purpose of tweaking it. This way, the software delivered to the customer faster and in a state more closer to perfection.

The program has an intuitive interface, though it's not recommended to be used by novice users. It is composed of several panels, that contain various information, like memory allocations, sequences, frame timeline or summary. It would've been nice if the text size was a bit bigger and if some theme customizations were available.

When it comes to embedded features, Adobe Scout CC supports profiling of Flash content both on desktop and mobile. More, you are able to create a visual map of the rendered DisplayObjects.

On top of that, it keeps track of user input, network and rendering events for every frame, while being able to perform Stage3D recording, including command-by-command replay.

In a nutshell, Adobe Scout CC is a useful tool for realizing software improvements, not to mention that it's free. However, some functionalities are loaded quite heavily, and the GUI still needs some minor tweaks.

John Saunders
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  • Supports profiling of desktop and mobile Flash content
  • Performs Stage3D recording
  • Supports creation of a rendered visual map


  • Loads heavily some features
  • Has a small text size
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